Social Innovation Courses

Social Innovation Courses​

Self-paced courses

Our expertise, your timing

We’ve packed up all our knowledge into comprehensive self-paced courses to allow you to gain deep knowledge into an essential component of raising blended finance. Each course is composed of videos, exercises, tools and tips. When you purchase a self-paced course, you automatically join the SIC community, you’ll be invited to all our online events and have a privileged access to any future courses.

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Become an expert in less than 3 hours

In a masterclass, we do a deep dive into a specific topic and share practical knowledge, tools and tips on the subject matter. These interactive sessions are designed to enhance understanding of the topic through the use of case studies and live demonstrations. In every masterclass, participants get to practice and apply the concepts through live exercises and get on the spot feedback.

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Tailor-made courses

Build your own programme in our Social Innovation Courses

The SIC team partners up with organisations looking to support social innovators or up skill employees and/or clients on the topic of social innovation. We build programmes based on the need of the partner and deliver a variety of experiences to help build the knowledge of social innovation.

Check out below examples of our work with private partners and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to explore a collaboration.

Examples of our tailor-made courses

S.I.C is working with African Venture Philanthropy Alliance (AVPA), and Ashoka, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim to create the African Healthcare Funders Forum (AHFF). Bringing together a community of Africa’s leading funders and entrepreneurs interested in accelerating the transformation of African healthcare. For the launch, SIC curated a 12-week Impact Leadership Programme, with workshops that follow two tracks, a “Financing Healthcare” track and a “Healthcare Provision” track.

The AHFF Impact Leadership Programme

  • Delivers expert-created workshops on health systems and financing health in Africa.
  • Offers access to reading material with relevant tips and advice on advancing healthcare in Africa.
  • Provides working group discussions co-created with the community for topics that are currently relevant.
  • Allows for the opportunity to build your network with social funders and enterprise founders who have similar goals as you.

Every year, the SIC team delivers an MBA style training programme designed to give junior lawyers a sharper commercial edge, as well as instilling a solid understanding of the importance of social enterprise and social impact in today’s economy.

The HL BaSE training

  • delivers business and financial skills in order to build a deeper commercial understanding,
  • provides practical experience of advising a client,
  • understands the importance of social impact to the way HL clients do business,
  • places HL work and advice into the wider social context.
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As part of the European Fellowship programme, Ashoka offers a Changemaker Finance module delivered twice a year by the SIC team. The module empowers Ashoka Fellows and partners to rethink and develop current and new funding strategies. Participants learn how to navigate the world of impact finance in order to unlock untapped sources of funding.

The Ashoka training

  • delivers insights into how to raise blended finance,
  • offers concrete tools and tips,
  • builds knowledge and confidence to help Ashoka Fellows grow to the next level,
  • provides feedback and support to all participants.

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