My Journey to the Social Innovation Circle Team

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My name is Xiluva Hill, I am the newest member of the Social Innovation Circle team, and I would love to share with you a bit about myself. I was born in Mozambique, and I have lived in four different countries throughout my life, often relocating to pursue my next educational opportunity. I completed primary school in Mozambique, went to secondary school in Eswatini, did my bachelors degree in Canada, and finally, my masters degree in the Netherlands, which is where I live now.

I am a very curious individual, with a special interest in society and its wellbeing, so for my bachelors I did a double major in psychology and international relations followed by a masters degree in social policy and public health. Throughout my school years, I always made an effort to contribute to societal wellbeing by engaging in community building through joining, creating, and leading student clubs, as well as volunteering for community events. I fully entered the professional world after my masters degree last year, and it has been an interesting journey finding my way to Social Innovation Circle. 

I was working part time as an editor when I first came across Social Innovation Circle looking for a communications associate. When I found out that they were teaching social innovators the skills they need to be able to start and run their own social ventures, I became very excited to apply. I realised that Social Innovation Circle was positively impacting society through education, while also building a community of social innovators and funders, and I really wanted to be a part of that. When I was invited to join the team I was very excited to join an organisation that works to support social innovators internationally. Now that I am part of the team I am thrilled to connect with the Social Innovation Circle network, so be on the lookout for communications from me, and do not hesitate to reach out through our social media pages.

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