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Brief Explanation Introduction

What is your Theory of Change?

Having set out your vision and your mission, write a concise paragraph which explains exactly how what you do will bring about your Vision, if done at sufficient scale.

Case Study

For SolaRise, this might read: ‘Our vision is to eradicate the use of kerosene in sub-Saharan Africa. Kerosene is a dirty, expensive fuel that damages health, and is used in low quality products such as kerosene wick lamps, which are polluting, dangerous and emit poor quality light. We will sell solar kits, comprising a solar panel, battery & charger, and 6 LED solar lights, to rural households that currently have no alternative to kerosene. Our solar kits will provide all the electricity needed by the household for lighting, as well as radio and mobile phone charging. Households that buy our kits will therefore no longer need to use kerosene, benefiting their health, and will save money. At scale, we will achieve our vision of an Africa free from kerosene usage’.


What are the assumptions in your Theory of Change?

Evaluate (team discussion):  How clear is the causal link between your actions and the results that you seek? On what basis can you assert the causal link? Do you already have clear evidence of the link, or is this something that you will have to prove through running a pilot?

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