Most social innovators do not have a background in law or finance, and therefore may need some help navigating the legal issues involved in setting up a social venture or completing a social investment deal. If this describes you, we hope that you will find the following module about legal structure useful.

This module is designed to give you the basic legal structure knowledge you will need in order to raise social finance. Even if you are already well versed in law, this primer is worth reading as a refresher in key legal aspects. It is intended to give you a solid foundation in the legal aspects of raising social investment. 

In this module about legal structure, we cover core concepts such as incorporation, jurisdiction, regulation, and types of legal entity (both forprofit and not-for-profit).

Disclaimer: In this module, we will not be able to provide you with specific legal advice. The complexities of legal structuring are such that you will need the services of a professional legal advisor. However we can provide you with some core concepts that will help you in any discussions with a legal advisor.