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Mark Cheng

Mark Cheng
Social Innovation Circle Founder and Managing Partner

Why Social
Innovation Circle?

Are you a social innovator looking to build impactful new business models to power social change? Then this community is for you.

I’ve been an impact investor for over 15 years. During this time, I’ve coached hundreds of the world’s leading social innovators. I’ve seen how hard it is for them to raise funds. We need new tools and frameworks for funding impact, and a community of entrepreneurs and impact investors to drive that forward.

That’s why, together with my two co-founders, Anshul Magotra and Pauline Verhaeghe, we’ve created Social Innovation Circle, a space where you will find all the concepts and coaching needed to raise blended finance.

Come join a vibrant global community of fellow social innovators.  Welcome to Social Innovation Circle!

Social Innovation

It all starts with a unique insight into the world of social
innovation.  With over 15 years of experience working with leading social innovators, we are building a library of insightful concepts to help you navigate the world of blended finance.

“Remarkable thing is introducing basic concepts that encapsulate what is essentially needed. This has been extremely helpful.

Fredrik Galtung 
Founder of Integrity Action

Social Innovation Courses​

Social Innovation

Building on our Social Innovation Concepts, we create online courses for social innovators and investors to help bridge the knowledge gap to facilitate the growth of systemic solutions around the world.

“This course was absolutely on point for us and not only
helped us reflect on the rapidly changing and challenging
space we all work in but gave us insights and tools on how
we should be positioning ourselves to keep our
organisations growing and sustainable.”

Shona McDonald 
Founder of Shonaquip

Social Innovation

Every year, the SIC team supports financially a cohort of social innovators from their community. From equity to grant funding, SIC puts forward the appropriate tool to help a select number of ventures move to the next level.

“The early support of Mark and his team has meant a lot to us. Thank you for your trust.”

Rob Wilson 
CEO at Toast Ale

Social Innovation Capital​
Social innovation community

Social Innovation

At SIC, we believe that the only way to induce change at scale is through collaboration and co-creation. By joining our courses, you are joining a global community of impact driven entrepreneurs that are looking to connect and learn from each other.

“We were able to build great connections. Getting to know the other innovators, hear their stories and get a glimpse of the challenges they face was very helpful.

Debra Pretorius 
Co-Founder of Olive Leaf Foundation

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About us


At Social Innovation Circle, we envision a world where social innovators are empowered with the tools and support they need to scale their system changing solution to millions.

We are bridging the knowledge and funding gap by offering state of the art coaching services, drawn from decades of working at the forefront of social innovation. With our combined experiences and networks, we are building the leading coaching platform for social innovators raising finance.

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